Simply Music Piano is a revolutionary method that is fast, fun, and simple. You'll be playing beautiful music from your very first lessons. 

The overriding goal of Simply Music is to create a culture where people of all ages easily and readily acquire and maintain music as a lifelong companion. Inside of this goal, there are specific goals that we focus on achieving for students:

  • Having the ability to play a huge repertoire covering classical, popular, blues, jazz and accompaniments

  • Experiencing playing as a natural self-expression

  • Having a highly positive, self-affirming experience with music learning

  • Developing the ability to self-generate and progress independently - this includes developing a strong foundation in music reading and theory


How does it work?

In the same way that we all learn to speak years before we learn to read and spell, Simply Music Piano temporarily delays music reading and immerses students in the experience of immediately playing great-sounding music.

We do this so successfully by introducing students to an array of unique playing-based concepts that unfold directly onto the keyboard. The result of this is that students quickly, easily, and naturally are playing a solid foundation of 35 to 50 beautiful pieces, and this is typically acquired over the first year or so of lessons.

Thereafter, our unique approach to music reading is introduced. We love that our students become strong readers and we love our unique approach of how we teach students to read. We also love the fact that we don't introduce reading from the very beginning – it's the future of music education, and it's a far more natural approach.

It's personable.

Every person is deeply and profoundly musical, but many people don’t know it. Simply Music believes everyone has the ability to acquire and retain music-making as a lifelong companion. 

For children.

There’s scientific evidence that children’s intelligence increases with the addition of music into their lives. Simply Music Piano prepares a student physically and aurally before they are exposed to notation. It’s a more natural way of learning piano using creativity and imagination to make music. For busy parents looking to connect with their young ones, this method comes with a three-pronged support approach.  Don’t worry, I’ll explain how.

For adults.

Designed to suit your personal interests and needs as a musician. Simply Music has many supplemental projects including composition, song-writing, arranging, improvisation, etc.  Whether you're a beginner, or want to return to playing piano after a hiatus, I am simply here to guide you on your journey to becoming the specific kind of musician you want to be by providing you with the resources and skills you need in order to develop. 

Little boy learning practicing piano onl

In-person, or online!  It’s easy to learn piano from your very own home, with the free Zoom software and your own piano!